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Workspace Generation

This should be your first step in the plugin.

This feature gives you the power of generate a ready-to-work Google Tag Manager workspace. The only required field is your Container ID. Then you can check and configure the tags that you need to include in your workspace. Once you’d done this, click the Generate Google Tag Manager Workspace button and you’ll get your workspace.json file via email (the one that’s linked to your ULK).

Once you have the file, import it in your Google Tag Manager account. That’s all!


  • GTM Container ID: Your Google Tag Manager workspace ID. It’s in the GTM-XXXXXXX format. This field is mandatory.
  • Google Analytics UA: Your tracking ID from your Google Analytics account. It’s in the UA-12345678-9 format.
  • Google Optimize: Your Google Optimize ID. It’s in the GTM-XXXXXXX format.

Supported Tags

  • Enchanced E-Commerce.
  • AdWords Conversion.
    • AdWords Conversion ID.
    • AdWords Conversion Label.
  • Standard / Dynamic Remarketing.
    • Standard / Dynamic Remarketing Conversion ID.
    • Standard / Dynamic Remarketing label.
    • Prefix ID.
    • Suffix ID.
  • RichSnippets.
  • Hotjar.
    • Hotjar site ID.
  • Pinterest Pixel.
    • Pinterest ID.
  • CrazyEgg Tracking.
    • CrazyEgg ID.
  • Criteo OneTag.
    • Criteo ID.
  • Facebook Pixel.
    • Facebook Pixel ID.
  • Bing Ads.
    • Bing Ads tag ID.
  • Yahoo Native & Search Dot.
    • Project ID.
    • Pixel ID.
Last updated on 14 Feb 2020
Published on 14 Feb 2020