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Marketing Tools Pro

Google Marketing Tools is the perfect All-In-One tool in order to integrate Google Tag Manager capabilities in your store. With a minimum to none effort, you’ll have a ready-to-work workspace.json file that fits your needs. Then you can control the way your dataLayer will behave and the source of their values.

But there’s another gem: Product Feeds. Google Marketing Tools allows you to generate and store product feeds for all the known merchants. With one click you can generate a feed with the selected merchant standards and required tags. But you can add, remove, filter and adapt the tags and values that you want to include in your feed, including the file format.

And off course, we offer compatibility with Google Taxonomy, which along product feeds, offers the most flexible experience with merchants. You can define as many category mappings as you want and then use it in your feeds.

Main Features

  • Google Tag Manager: Last GTM technology
  • Google Optimize: To A/B testing
  • Google Analytics: Compatible with USER ID | Track pageview | Live events
  • Google Enhanced Ecommerce: Measuring cart events | Product & promotion impressions & clicks | Configure your own multi-channel funnel & more!
  • Google Ads (Adwords) conversions: Complete Conversion Tracking purchases | Negative conversions compatible
  • Google Reviews: Connect with your merchant center | Google Reviews after purchase order
  • Google Dynamic/Standard remarketing: Compatible with dynx | All views tracked | Set prefix or sufix to ecomm_prodid
  • Google Rich Snippets: Product details | Product user reviews | Validated by Structured Data Testing Tool - Google
  • Facebook Pixel: Track pageview | Add to cart | Add to wish list | Purchases
  • Pinterest Pixel: Full pages tracking | Cart event | Purchases
  • Hotjar Tracking: Full pages tracking
  • Crazyegg Tracking: Full pages tracking
  • Bing Ads conversions: Full pages tracking | Cart event | Purchases
  • Criteo OneTag tracking: Full pages tracking | Purchases
  • 2Performant: Influencer platform
  • Yahoo Gemini: Purchase tracking

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Last updated on 20 Feb 2020
Published on 20 Feb 2020